Subject or title
Religious Education Submission to (Russell) Committee on RE in State Schools 1973
Religious Education – Public statement opposes Russell Report 1974
Religious Education (Letter of detailed criticism) to Minister for Education 1974
Prayers in Parliament to the Speaker, Victoria. House of Assembly 1982
Conscientious Objection 1983
Contempt of Court to Law Reform Commission of Victoria (LRCV) 1984
Intoxication and Criminal Responsibility to LRCV 1984
IVF, to The Waller Committee 1984
Education of Gifted and Talented Children to  Australia. Senate Standing on Education, etc 1985
Health Education to Victoria, Promotion. Health Dept 1985
Multicultural Education to  Nacome and Australia. [Dept of Education] 1985
Prostitution to Victorian Government, Inquiry into 1985
Religion in Census to Australian Bureau of Statistics 1985
Tertiary Education to Australia, Studies. [Dept of Education] 1985
Criminal Records (Spent convictions) to Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) 1986
Domestic Violence to Premier’s Department 1986
Dying with Dignity, Options. 1986
Dying With Dignity, Options. to Victorian Parliamentary Enquiry into 1986
Education, Social. to Victoria. Education Dept. 1986
Evidence Reform (Unsworn Statements) to LRCV 1986
Human Embryo Experimentation Bill, The, 1985 to  Australia. Tate Senate Standing Committee 1986
Human Rights for Victoria to Victoria. Legal and Constitutional Committee 1986
Victims of Crime to Victoria. Legal and Constitutional Committee 1986
Constitution Reform to Commonwealth Commission 1987
Health Issues to Victoria. Minister for Health 1987
Immigration Policies 1987
Immigration Policy to Australia. Committee to Advise on Australia’s 1987
Multicultural Council – Roles and Priorities to Dept of the Prime Minister 1987
Community Affairs 1988
Community Violence to Victoria, Inquiry.. Social Development Committee, 1988
Drugs, Crime and Society to Australia, Parliamentary Joint Committee on the 1988
Education and Training, Committee. 1988
Education,Priorities for Reform in Higher. to Australia. Senate Standing 1988
Homicide to LRCV 1988
Informed Consent to Medical Treatment to LRCV, ALRC, NSWLC 1988
National Crime Authority 1988
Retired Persons, Community Involvement. to  [Australia] Standing Committee 1988
Sexual Offences Against Children to LRCV 1988
Unemployed – Income Support to Australia. Minister for Social Security 1988
Consultative Committee (NBCC) 1989
Embryo Experimentation “Post Syngamy” to Standing Review and Advisory Committee on Infertility 1989
Equal Opportunity Act, Review (Paper no 17). to LRCV 1989
Green Spot Scheme: Interim Report toVictoria. Ministry for Planning and Environment 1989
IViolence to Australia, Inquiry. National Committee [Commission] on Violence 1989
Reproductive Technology: records & information to National Bioethics 1989
Social Responsibilities of Commonwealth Statutory Authorities and Government Business Enterprisesto Australia. Joint Parliamentary Committee of  Public Accounts 1989
Surrogacy to NBCC 1989
Violence on Television to Australian Broadcasting Tribunal 1989
Education, Report on Priorities in Higher. to Australia. Parliamentary Standing Committee 1990
Enduring Powers of Attorney, to LCRV 1990
Equal Opportunity Act – Review (2nd  Paper)  to LCRV 1990
Infertility Counselling to NBCC 1990
Mental Illness, National Inquiry Concerning the Human Rights of People. to Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 1990
Multiculturalism and the Law to  ALRC 1990
Religious Education teacher dismissal protest [LA: broken link] 1990
Surrogacy 2.  Implementation to NBCC 1990
The Cost of Justice to LRCV 1990
Violence, Inquiry into Public. to Victorian Community Council Against Violence 1990
All Male Jury to Australian Attorney-General 1990.01
Blasphemy, Law of. to [Australia]Attorney General, Minister for Justicephemy 1990.06
Bail Act, 1977: a review, to Law REform Commission Victoria 1991
Death caused by Dangerous Driving to LRCV 1991
Firearms restriction to Premier of Victoria 1991
Legal Practice, Restrictions on. to LRCV 1991
Legal Profession, Accountability of the. to LRCV 1991
Multiculturalism: Criminal Law to ALRC 1991
Multiculturalism: Family Law to ALRC 1991
Research Directions for Australia’s Future to Australian Science and Technology Council 1991
Waste Minimisation and Recycling Strategy, National. to Australia.  Minister for the Environment 1991
Equality Before the Law to ALRC 1993
Firearms Act, Review of. to Firearms Consultative Committee 1993
Gender Issues and the Judiciary to Australia. Senate Standing Committee on 1993
Indigenous People – a New Partnership to [Australia] Minister for Aboriginal Affairs 1993
Law Reform Commission to Australia. H of Reps Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs 1993
Legal and Constitutional Affairs 1993
Media, Rights and Obligations of. To ??] 1993
Radio and Television Broadcasts to Australian Broadcasting Authority 1993
Religion, Census on, 1996. to Australian Bureau of Statistics 1993
Workplace of the Future  to Australia. H. of Reps Standing Committee on Long Term Strategies, Inquiry 1993
Research Subjects High Priority to Australian Science and Technology Council 1993.02
Alcohol and Other Drugs of Dependence to Australian Dept of Health 1993.1
Civil Celebrants’ Program, The.  to Australia. Attorney General 1994
Female Genital Mutilation to Family Law Council 1994
Full Employment, Restore. to Dept. of Prime Minister and the Cabinet 1994
IVF Fertilisation and Embryo Transfer Guidelines to National Health and Medical Research Council 1994
Media’s Code of Ethics to  Ethics Review Committee of the Media Entertainment and Arts Associations 1994
Medical Assistance to the Dying to Australia. Minister for Human Services and Health 1994
Mental Illness and Firearms Misuse to NSW Ministry of Police and Emergency Services 1994
RU486, Trials. to Australia. Minister for Human Services and Health 1994
Aged Care to Australian Law Reform Commission 1994.06
Homosexual Laws Tasmania’s Anti To Attorney General 1994.08
Illicit Drug Use in Victoria to Drug Advisory Council 1995
Schools of the Future in Victoria to Victoria.  Minister for Schools Vocational Education and Training 1995
Voluntary Euthanasia, Medical Assistance in. to Dr D Weedon, Pres AMA 1995
Workforce of the Future to  Australia. H. of Reps. Standing Committee on Long term Strategies 1995
World Population Conference, Cairo to  Australia Minister for Human Services and Health, Senator Nick Bolkus, Gordon Bilney 1995
ABC Review to B. Mansfield Inquiry 1996
Education, Adult and Community. to Australia. Senate Committee on Education and Training 1996
Euthanasia Laws Bill, 1996 to Australia. Senate Legal and Constitutional Legislation Committee 1996
Homeless Youth, 1996. to Prime Minister 1996
Human Subjects, Research. to Australian Health and Ethics Committee 1996
Violence – Sentencing to Victorian Community Council Against Violence 1996
Voluntary Euthanasia and Abortion to Australia. Minister for Health and Family Services 1996
Violence Portrayal of to the Department of Communications and the Arts 1996.03
Organ Retrieval and Donation to the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council 1996.06
Reproductive (Assisted) Technology to Australian Health Ethics Ctee (NM&MR Council) 1996.6
Constitutional Convention (Republic) to  Office of  the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1997
Native Title (Wik) to Australia. Joint Committee on Native Title 1997
Right to Believe to Human Rights Commissioner 1997
Suicide Prevention to Victorian Suicide Prevention Task Force 1997
Voluntary Euthanasia Bill to South Australia. Select Committee on Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 1997
Aboriginal Reconciliation to PM & Minister for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Affairs 1997.05
Census 2001 (from Council of Australian Humanist Societies) to [Australian Bureau of Statistics] 1998
Human Subjects, Research on, (2) to Australian Health Ethics Committee 1998
Youth Homelessness to  Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1998
Youth Homelessness to  Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1998
ABC (Independence and Integrity of) to Prime Minister and Cabinet 1999
Freedom of religion and Belief to  Australia. Human Rights Sub-Committee 1999
Human Cloning, Inquiry. to Australia. H of Reps Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs 1999
Reconciliation, Declaration and Strategies for. to Prime Minister, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation 1999
Welfare Reform Review to Australia. Dept of Family and Community Services 1999
Essential Services to Victoria. Services, Markets and Regulation Strategy 2000
Gaming, Responsible. to Victoria. Dept of Treasury and Finance, Gaming Policy Unit 2000
Health Records Bill to Victoria. Dept of Human Services, Information 2000
Mandatory Jailing, Northern Territory. to  N.T . Office of the Chief Minister 2000
NSW Bill of Rights to NSW. Legislative Council, Committee on Law and Justice 2000
Privacy Steering Committee 2000
Religious Instruction Position Paper November 1998, revised March 2000 2000
RU486, Availability of. to Australia. Minister for Health and Aged Care 2000
Safe Injecting Facilities to Victoria. Dept of Human Services 2000
Stolen Generation, The. to Senate Legal and Constitutional References Committee 2000
Welfare Reform, Interim Report on. to Reference Group on Welfare Reform 2000
Asylum Seekers to Australian PM and Minister for Immigration 2000.1
Charities, etc, Definition of. to Australia,  Dept of the Treasury 2001
Ethical Guidelines on Assisted Reproductive Technology to Nat Health & Research Council 2001
Privacy Guidelines, National. to Australia. Privacy Commissioner 2001
Racial and Religious Tolerance Legislation to Victoria.  Dept of the Premier and Cabinet, Dept of Multicultural Affairs 2001
Youth Strategy to Victoria.  Dept of Education, Employment and Training 2001
Youth Strategy to Victoria.  Dept of Education, Employment and Training 2001
ABC Board Appointments to Senate Standing Committee on Environment, Communications 2001.05
Cloning and Stem Cell Research to Australia. Senate, Community Affairs Legislative Committee 2002
Education Review, Higher. to [Australia]. Dept of Education, Science and Training 2002
Health Research Guidelines, Aboriginal. to National Health and Medical Research Council 2002
Migration and Humanitarian Programs to Australia. Dept of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs 2002
Oaths and Affirmation in Court to Victoria. Parliament 2002
Organ Donation, Revision of Ethical issues in. to National Health and Medical Research Council 2002
Radio Australia, Funding for. to Chairman, ABC Board 2002
Religion, Diversity and Social Cohesion to Australian Multicultural Foundation 2002
Aging issues to Australian H of Reps, Standing Committee on Aging 2002.06
Charity, Definition of a. to Australia.  Dept of the Treasury, Board of Taxation 2003
Education Funding and Equity of Access, Tertiary. to Australia. Minister for Education, Science and Training 2003
Growing Rich/Poor Divid, The.e to Australia. Senate Community Affairs Legislative Committee 2003
Health Privacy Code, National. to Australia. Health Ministers’ Council 2003
Human Rights Commission Bill, 2003 to As above 2003
Humanitarian Program 2003/04 to Australia. Dept of Immigration [and Multicultural Affairs] 2003
Medicare, Changes to. to Australia .Senate Select Committee on Medicare 2003
MedicarePlus Proposals to Australia. Senate Select Committee on Medicare 2003
Same sex Couples Rights to The Prime Minister 2003
Stem Cell Research, Ethics in. to Victoria. Dept of Human Services 2003
Census for 2006 To Australian Bureau of Statistics 2003.07
ASIO Powers Bill z Australian Legal and Constitutional Senate Committee 2003.4
Aboriginal Justice Agreement to Victorian Dept of Justice 2004
Civil Union and Relationship Bill (NZ)  to New Zealand. Justice and Electoral Committee Secretariat 2004
Commercial-in-Confidence” to Australia. Attorney General, Government and shadow ministers 2004
Constitution Reform. (S57 of the Constitution), Senate. to Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet 2004
Humanitarian Program to Australia, 2004-2005. Dept of Immigration, Multi-cultural and Indigenous Affairs 2004
Xenotransplantation, Ethical Aspects of. to Health and Ethics Section, NHMRC 2004
Administration of Aboriginal Affairs to Senate Select Committee Admin. of Indigenous Affairs 2004.04
Corporal Punishment of Children to LRCV 2005
Education Act (Victoria) review [LA: broken link] 2005
Gene Technology Ethics to Australia  Gene Technology Ethics Committee 2005
Guide Biotechnology (2), Ethical Principles to.  to Victoria. Dept of Human Services 2005
Guide Biotechnology, Ethical Principles to, (1) to Victoria. Dept of Human Services 2005
Human Rights Charter in Victoria to Victoria. Dept of Justice. Human Rights Consultative Committee 2005
Humanitarian Program Policy, 2005-06. to Australia. Dept of Immigration, 2005
Humans, Ethics in Research on. to LRCV 2005
Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs 2005
ATSIC Amendment Bill to Australian Senate Select Committee on Indigenous Affairs 2005.03
Terrorism (Anti) Bill 2005 to Australian Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee 2005.1
Education – Equity in Access to. to Australia. Minister for Education, Science and Training 2006
Ethics in Organ Tissue Donation after Death to As above 2006
Gene Technology, Ethical Principles in. to Australia. Gene Technology Ethics Committee 2006
Genocide in Darfur to The Prime Minister 2006
Human Research, Ethical Conduct in. to NHMRC 2006
Humanitarian Program 2006-07 (Migrant quotas/sources) to Australia. Dept of Immigration, Multiculturalism and Aboriginal Affairs 2006
Living organ/Tissue Donations, Ethics in. to NHMRC 2006
RU486 E-mailed to [Federal] MPs prior to conscience vote 2006
Stem Cell Research to Australia. Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee 2006
Human Rights Charter for Victoria feedback and comment From Dept Justice, Victoria 2006.01
Chaplains in State SchoolsTo Australian Dept Education, Science and Training 2006.1
Child Abuse, Joint ACOSS Letter: Inaction on Child Abuse to Minister for  Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 2007
Cluster Bombs to The Prime Minister 2007
Community Organisations to Victoria. Dept of Communities 2007
Global Warming and Climate Change to Australia. Minister for the Environment 2007
Humanitarian Program, 2007-08.  to Dept of Immigration, Multiculturalism and Indigenous Affairs 2007
Merit Pay, Ethics of. for Teachers to Australia. Minister of Education 2007
Access Card (1) to Australian Dept of Human Services 2007.04
Access Card (2) to Australian Dept of Human Services 2007.07
Abortion Law Reform (Decriminalisation  of) to Victorian Attorney General, and MPs, 2007.1
Abortion Law Reform to Victorian Law Reform Commission 2007.11
Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 2008
Education Revolution to Australia. Minister for Education, Employment and Workplace Relations 2008
Euthanasia Law Reform Bill, 2008 to Australia. Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee 2008
Federal Bill of Rights to Australia. Attorney General 2008
Patentable – What Should be Patentable to Australia. Advisory Council on Intellectual Property 2008
Violence Against Women and Children to Australia. Dept of Families, 2008
Census for 2011 – Australian Bureau of Statistics 2008.01
ABC and SBS: Future Roles to Australia. Dept of Broadband, Communication Digital Economy 2009
Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 2009
Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace to Australian Office for Women 2009
Housing, Affordable Social. to Australia. Minister for Families, Housing, 2009
Human Rights Consultation, National. to Australia. Attorney General 2009
Patentable Matter: options to Australia. Advisory Council on Intellectual Property 2009
Religion in the 21st Century, Freedom of  to NSW. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 2009
School Funding, Corporate. to Victoria. Minister for Education and Training 2009
Security Legislation Amendments to As above 2009
Suicide in Australia, Inquiry into. to Australia.  Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee 2009
Discrimination (Anti) Exemptions to Victorian Attorney General 2009.03
ATSI inclusion in Constitution Letter to Prime Minister 2010
Education in Victoria to Federal & State Ministers of Education 2010
Education in Victoria to Victoria to Federal and State Ministers of Education 2010
Housing in Victoria, Public. to Victoria. Family and Community Development Committee 2010
Racism to Prime Minister, Victoria. Premier, Attorneys General 2010
Human Rights Bill, Rejection of, to PM 2010.2
Asylum Seekers Detention Inquiry to Senate Joint Select Committee 2011
Asylum Seekers Policy to Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Prime Minister 2011
ATSI – First People In Australian Constitution, Inclusion of. to Prime Minister 2011
ATSI Constitutional Recognition of ATSI to Appointed Panel, Canberra. 2011
Brennan hall of Science to Director, Heritage Victoria. 2011
Bullying in Australia to Prime Minister, Julia Gillard MP 2011
Chaplains in State Schools to Fed Minister for Education 2011
Children and Young People, Commissioner for, to Senate Legal & Constitutinal C’ttee 2011
Discrimination (Anti) Exemptionsto Vic.Attorney?Genera.,Hon Robert ClarkNP 2011
Discrimination (Anti) law changes to Chairman Vic Equal Opportunity Commission 2011
Dying With Dignity Conscience Vote to ten Victorian Senators 2011
Education – Ethical Behaviour to ACARA 2011
Education of Gifted & Talented Children to Vic. Education & Training Committee 2011
Human Rights Charter (Vic) Review to Vic Scrutiny of Acts & Regulations C’te€ 2011
Judicial Officers Appointment in Victoria to Dept of Justic 2011
Organ Donation in Victoria to Legal & Social Issues Committee 2011
Religious Instruction (Special) Letter to Victorian School Councils 2011
Same?Sex Marriage to Prime Minister Julia Gillard MP 2011
School Funding to Fed. Dept. fo Education 2011
Sentencing in Victoria 2011
Sentencing to Attorney?General on-line Hon R Clark MP 2011

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